Come to a bikers gathering event,  the Jogja Bike Rendezvous 2007, together with the Ducati Desmo Owners Club Indonesia, March 30 – April1, 2007 I rode with 18 Ducati bikes (all together) to Jogjakarta. This ride participated by 7 Monsters 4 Superbike, 4 Multistrada, 2 Sport Touring (ST), and 1  Super Sport type of Ducati.

Choosing north shore Java (Yellow) route to Jogjakarta (600 Km one way), we decided to then ride through middle Java route (Light Blue) and went up north to the north shore again on the way home (also about 600 Km). Total ride in this Tour including around Jogjakarta is 1380 Km. See this route map below:

Started at 4.00 a.m from the Automall, Jakarta, we went straight to Cikampek via Bekasi. Met about 30 HD bikes on the starting point, we also passed several HD and other groups around Bekasi. Ducati Team preferred to ride ahead those other groups to be able to enjoy empty north shore roads.  Get ready, briefing and pray before started:


Managed to pass the crowd of other big bikes, we then stop for Morning pray (Subuh) at a small mosque just after Kerawang City.

Briefing and get ready to move again. We were passed by some HD groups:

Passing Cikampek city, that has started its morning activities and getting busy:


After Cikampek, the straight and empty road enable most of the participants to ride constantly at the average speed of  125-140 Kph.

Ups… one of the participants can not avoid a lightl accident caused by a crazy car driver U turned on a double straight lines and we may need to wait for a while when the bike was taken care of by our sweeper and service car back up.



Most of the riders then continued the trip and have a break and breakfast at Haji A.A. Restaurant just before entering into Cirebon city at 07.10 a.m.


After the sweeper team rejoin us and have their breakfast, we then continue the trip. One of the important points to go through this route is that we have to be extra careful with crazy Bus and Truck drivers. Again, one of the participants have to dealt with a bus driven as if it was a private road, but likely by a good anticipation he and his passenger are fine and could continue the trip. Engine guard and body protector do help in such situation. We had a short break to make sure every ting is ok before continuing the trip. 


 Mid day in Tegal, we decided to break for lunch and for Friday praying in the mosque for some Muslim participants. From this point, the group was divided into 2. Team 1 which is only consist of 4 bikes and riders who would like to ride faster and Team 2 which is the rest of the participants who prefer to ride slower and relax. 

I was in Team 2 and we then continue the ride to Batang and Weleri:


Weleri, Parakan, Temanggung, Magelang

Roads in Weleri, Parakan, Temanggung, Magelang are hilly and twisty. They are fun ride on.    

Entering into Jogjakarta

Continuing the trip to Jogjakarta, Team 1 entering into Jogjakarta at 5.00 p.m. while Team 2 was still enjoying the ride, had some short breaks, and rode slowly in the rain after Weleri and then finally entered into the Hotel Garuda (at Malioboro) in Jogjakarta at 08.00 p.m. We finish our 600 km trip for today and my bike fuel consumption indicator indicates the fuel use of 19,5 Km/l.

Saturday in Jogjakarta

Saturday at 11.00 a.m. Ducati team ride to the Jogja Bike Rendezvous (JBR) event. The participation of our Ducati bikes with red color dominant in the middle of HD crowd was quite attractive:


Still at JBR 2007:

These 2 ladies said: “We ride these 999. See our bikes..?”


I guess these 2 cute little girls said to their Dad… Dady..Dady… I don’t want Chopper.. I want this beautiful red bike…!! Hahaha …


The real 2 Ducati 999 riders:   


Lunch in Jogjakarta


This JBR 2007 was not located as good as last year and the weather was too hot and uncomfortable.  No wonder, not like hat happen in the past years, bikers prefer not to be in the JBR arena for long. After meeting and say hi to some other bikers, Ducati team move on for lunch to a restaurant on the way to Jogjajarta Airport:

After lunch, we then ride to the hilly and twisty road to Wonosari then ride down to Baron, Kukup, Krakal and Sundak beaches. This is my favorite road arround Jogjakarta. I will feel I miss some thing if I ride in Jogjakarta and not riding on this roads..


Enjoying Beautiful view of Sundak Beach

Cindy (my wife) and I, at Sundak Beach. I should thank her for many good pics she took from the rear seat of my Multistrada during the ride:

Eko, on his Monster 750:

Relaxing and enjoying the sunset at the top of the hill at Sundak Beach:

Bayu and Risa:

Cindy and I:

Beautiful Sunset at Sundak Beach:  We ride back home to the hotel in Jogjakarta from Sundak beach in the evening and in the heavy rain…. Then have a dinner, take a rest and get ready for another long ride home to Jakarta tomorrow early morning. Sunday, Ride back home to Jakarta

Sunday, very early morning, Tim 2 is preparing the ride and had a short briefing before the start and get ready to ride back home to Jakarta:


Breakfast in Purwekerto 

Ride to Wates, Purwerejo, we then have breakfast in the central city of Purwekerto at 7.00 a.m.

Purwekerto – Prupuk 

Continuing the ride from Purwekerto, we went to Ajibarang and turned north to Bumiayu and Prupuk.


Close to Prupuk 

Before Prupuk the traffic was totally stop due to a local ceremonial and about 1 km long parade in a small and tight road. At certain point in the traffic jam, we simple stop, turn off the engine and see the parade in a hot… hot… whether.

Tanjung  – Cirebon

Manage to get out of the traffic jam, we continued the trip to Tanjung and Cirebon:







Many Short Breaks


Riding with this relax group (Team 2) I guess we may need to get ready to gain weight after the tour. This team stop at many times (read too many) and must eat some thing at each stop. But it was a good fun riding with people who always have jokes and laughing all the times…







Entering in to Jakarta


We finally manage to pass a very heavy trafiic jam in Karawang, Tambun and Bekasi cities and be in Jakarta at 8.00 p.m.

Hm… while looking at some favorite pics below, I better take a rest  and get ready to get back to the real life tomorrow (Monday) morning… Ugh..Get back to work again???

Crossing the bridge after Purwokerto on the way to Bumiayu:


Claudy but so beautiful Sundak Beach just before sunset:

Beautiful view of rice and onion fields in Brebes area:

The End.

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  1. 1 ekowd
    November 18, 2007 at 10:53 pm

    Ahhh…. fond memories of my first long distance touring 🙂
    Looking forward to our next touring trips.

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