2007 September – Charity Ride to Serang


Sunday September 23, 2007 was still in a fasting (Ramadhan) month for all Muslim around the world, including in Indonesia. Most us who were fasting are not allowed eating or drinking during the day. As part of the fasting spirit to care to the others, especially those who are under poverty or need assistance, fasting month is always a good time to share and do some social activities. Some of Ducatisti take the challenge to ride back and forth from Jakarta to Serang while fasting for a charity activity (donating some basic foods) to those needed in Serang area. The distance between Serang-Jakarta-Serang is about 200 Km and riding during the day (which might be hot day) without drinking and meals will be an interesting challenge.

Ok, lets get ready. It was very early in the morning and still dark, Bona and Stephen were preparing themselves at Citos.




We (4  riders) rode to the meeting point at Slipi Shell Gas Station, and filled in gas full tank while 3 other Ducatisti have arrived earlier and were waiting there. Some TV reporters are also interested and have come to cover our activities.



Briefing and praying before start:

Soon we were ready. 7 bikes start from Jakarta and the other 2 will wait for us in Cikupa area on the way to Serang which will complete the group of 9 Ducati bikes. Ok, guys.. Get ready.. We should start  as early morning as possible to avoid heavy traffic along the way:




I did a mistake miss-setting my camera and got some problem taking good picture at the beginning of the ride, but I still managed to get some pics.

Just out side Jakarta city on and on the way to Cikupa:




We choose the main road to Serang via Tangerang, Jatiuwung, Bitung, Cikupa, Balaraja.

The traditional market at Cikupa was open already when we passed and we were trapped in a traffic jam around such Cikupa Traditional Market. Take a short break at Citra Land in Cikupa, we coordinated with the other 2 Ducati riders and have them on the group at Cikupa Gas Station just after the market.



Now we are in a complete 9 riders namely Iboy (Multistrada 1000DS); Jedi (Monster 620); Eko (Monster 750); Stephen (Monster S4); Bona (Monster S2R); Jedi’s friend (Monster 900); Beni (Monster S2R); Ade (Multistrada 620) and I (Multistada 1000DS).

We then continue the ride to Serang. Passing Balaraja, we could increase the speed to 120-130 Km/h due to emptier road. Hm.. that is more enjoyable ride for Ducatisti…




Bro Bona on his Ducati Monster S2R:


Bro Eko on his Ducati Monster 750:


Bro Stephen on Ducati Monster S4:


Bro Jedi on his Ducati Monster 900 and a bunch of Monsters riders:



This was the situation at a traffic jam at Cikupa Traditional Market. Not too long, we managed to get away and continued the trip:


Crossing some steel bridges along the way, andt this is one of them which was quite nice:  

See how Iboy on his Multistrada in between the big vehicles just after crossing the bridge:


At an open and clear road we instantly ride at the ”standard” Ducati speed (average speed 125-130 km/h):

At certain bottle neck road, you could say.. “Hm.. lucky me riding a bike today”. We could ride on a quite tight space. Although we still need to be extra careful, if the road in front is permissible, we could still overtake the cars like this:  


For you who never ride in Indonesia before, my suggestion is simply just be patient and wait until you get a real clear road in front of you.



Ride in the morning, we still get a nice fresh air and enjoy a quite empty road.




Question without picture may be a bit confusing:  “How to ride a bike alone and carry 3 goats at the same time?”. This guys we met on the way to Serang provides the answer:

“How to carry 2 big and tall boxes + 1 passager?”. Here is the answer:

Short break before entering into the charity activities area:


Stephen and Bona take a picture in front of Monster S4… I guess they are practicing some acting before being shot by TV Cameras thereafter. Hahaha…


Entering into the Charity area:





This Charity event arranged by Fatimah Azzahra Foundation. The coming of some Ducati bikes and riders is already a kind of entertainment for the local people. It creates a totally difference nuance compared to the same event usually held by the local foundation itself: 

One thing which really made the people very enthusiastic and feel the different of this kind of event is the appearance of 2 Indonesian celebrities (actors) namely Gunawan and  Aji Pangestu.





I’ve been in similar event several times. I felt that the appearance of some TV reporters (in addition to the Celebrities) cause some changes to the local people appearance as if they would like to go to a wedding ceremony (they wear their best clothes and used some make up) and not in their daily appearance. I guess it is because they are going to be covered by and in some national scale TV. Hahaha…


For you who have never been in a similar event before, you may compare with this common situation:



Ducatisti also distributed the donated some basic foods packages:









After the event, we start to ride back home to Jakarta via BSD & Bintaro. This time (in the middle of the day) and in a hot day, for some of us who are Muslim and still maintaining our fasting, we felt so thirsty and thanks God, we could arrive home safely and quite fast. I rush switched on my TV at home to see the MotoGP live and still manage to see half of the race:









Although we felt so thirsty riding for about 200 km in a hot day without drinking and eating, we were glad that it was a nice ride and things which a lot nicer one was we could share with others and make other people happy. Although it is only a small things, I guess we reach our goal in this Charity Ride.

The End.

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