2007 Nov-Dec: Ducati 2007 Year End Track Activities

After participating for the first time at the National Supersport and Superbike Championship, the Ducati Community starts feeling comfortable and enjoying to participate in such kind of race. Of course a minimum skill and familiarity with the circuit would be needed but overall for us (as non profesional racer) as far as we do not push beyond each individual limit, it was not as scary as imagined.   This is the report of Ducati Community’s participation on the last race series of National Supersport and Superbike Championship on December 9, 2007, on which I participated.  

Before the end of 2007 some Ducati Riders practiced to improve their riding skill at Sentul Circuit. 

Practice: November 24, 2007 

This was not a good day I guess. At this practicing day, there were 6 accidents happen and 2 of them involving some Ducati Riders (3 bikes). Lucky us it was not a serious accident.

On the same day, we met with some small sport bike community, HTML and there were  Fransisco Aris dan Rifandy between them, who were also practicing. This is Bro Aris on his small sport bike, Honda Tiger:


And this is Bro Rifandy on his Honda CBR 150:


Hm.. and these are the Pics of Bona, Dana and I taken by Bro Aris (Thx Bro..): 

Bona in action on his Ducati 996:



Dana on his yellow Ducati 748, side by side in the corner with a Yamaha R6:


For the first time I ride my new Ducati 1098s. So I just do a relax and warm up ride:


Hm.. this 1098 is so nice and powerful but I need to adjust myself since i used to ride Ducati Multistrada 1000DS which is a totally different type of bike and different riding style. I guess I also need to be cooler in riding it since it was a lot more powerful than my Multi.

Not too long, my 1098 was crash after hit a Monster S2R 1000 after the first corner when it was riden in a test by Bona. Still lucky that both riders were not injured and the bikes were not broken badly. Just need to repair the fairing.  

This left fairing of my 1098 need to be immediately repaired if I want to participate in the next Race on December 9, 2007:

AXN TV interview was interrupting us for a while in the middle of the practicing time:


A short break:


Practice: December 6, 2007

Still not fully adjusted well with the new bike and new riding style, I joint Dana and  Rully for another round of practice on December 6, 2007 under Dyan Dilato supervision. My special thanks to Dyan who voluntarily train us for free:


Saturday, Desember 8, 2007: QTT Day

The bikes of 6 Ducati Riders were prepared for qualification and determining the grip position. Riders were getting ready to enter into the track:


Andre Jess on Ducati ST2 (in front) and Didi (on the back) looking for opportunity to over take:


Eko, tested the Ducati Monster S4 (a Monster with 916 engine). He really enjoys many knee downs in some corners:


Bona in action on his Superbike “Stoner” 996 (his 996 has an original Stoner signature on the rear seat cover):

I again tried the 1098:


This time I only ride for 3 laps and decided to get back to the pit due to some problem on my gear pedal.  I can’t shift down the gear just after started and it could be danger and unsafe for continuing. It must be related to the last accident involving the bike. After rechecking my bike, it seems that the ”ball-join” was not easily moving (stuck) and need to be replaced. But time is over for today’s qualification. Due to the technical problem faced on the QTT my time was placed my on grid position No.27 from 31 starters. This is going my first time to be in the real race or at least race at the same time with some real racers. I was so exiting but also a bit nervous at the same time.. Well, let see tomorrow then…


Sunday, December 9, 2007 : Race Day 

Today’s situation on Sentul Circuit is different compared to other days. It is a new record that (after the Ducati Fun Race last July with 21 Starters) this time there will be 31 starters at once.


My higher tens was reduced by a relax condition and a lot of jokes made by more experienced riders and some real racers on the pit before we start. Get ready before entering into the track:


6 Ducati Riders who participated in today’s race. From left to right: Bona, I (Nugroho), Eko, Didi, Ramos, and Andre:

Just before start:  

After waiting for sometimes, finally we entered into the track and take the grid position, warm up and get ready to start:






Stressful seconds before start…. Red Light was ON and…. GO…!!


First corner was worrying because those 31 riders on sport bikes, big power are all trying to pass it at once. Very crowded…  Uh.. I feel release after passing that first corner although only able to turn with the second gear and clipped together with 3 or 4 other bikes at the same time tightly in one row… 

The situation on the “Big S” at the first lap was still quite tight. Eko and Andre have a good start and managed to lead in front of the crowd:



Bro Ramos:


Bona a bit left behind looks enjoying this corner and open the throttle widely thereafter…



At the begining of the race the gap between Didi, Eko and I was still very close. I even made a surprise for Didi by over taking him at the Big S:


But that was not for long. Didi over took me again at one of the corners and left me behind thereafter. Well, skill can not lie… Hahaha..

We can see Eko and Didi chased Eddy Kurniawan (CBR) tightly before finally over took him and keep the distance until the finish line:   

While I managed to over take Allard (Yahama R1):


Then, try to get away…. as far as possible:


Not too long Bona also managed to over take Allard and keep the position up to the finish line:


While Eko and Didi were getting more far away ahead, I tightly raced and have some over taking each other with Agus Safari (Yahama R1). This is me followed by Ramos trying to keep close to Agus.


I finally managed to over take Agus:


Followed tightly by Agus, I try to get away, keep the position and finish in front of him:


Knee down on the left and right corners; I can not even get closer to Eko…


Eko enjoying every knee down, even the smoky one…

Although have a more relax ride, Bona’s pic was always nice to see…


Since this is my first time participating in the race, and I need to be more familiar with the new bike, my target was just simply finish with lap time below 2 minutes. Thanks God, the record showed that was achieved and I could finish second on the Superbike Novice Class:


I was very pleased that beside all finish safely, the lap time of other Ducati riders were improved. Eko on Monster S4 has a new lap time 1:52:830 and Didi (on his CBR 600) got 1:50:663. No wonder Eko was the winner for Superbike Novice Class.

Some smiling faces on the podium:


From left to right: I (the 2nd), Eko (the 1st) and Agus (the 3rd) on Superbike Novice Class.


Eko, the winner of Superbike Novice Class:


I finished second:


This is the champion of the real race on the Supersports Seeded Class:


She was not the winner but also on podium and cute…

The End

7 Responses to “2007 Nov-Dec: Ducati 2007 Year End Track Activities”

  1. 1 ekowd
    February 11, 2008 at 5:30 am

    Very nice pics… especially the guy on the Monster S4. hehehehe

  2. February 13, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    After sometimes, i found myself in love with reports and pics you presented here, Om Nug. This like visual ethnography to my imagination. Loving bikes–Duc, of course–and be with them for joy and share… Tnq then

  3. February 14, 2008 at 6:11 am

    Xixixi… I know you will say that. But yes, I guess it was a good time ya?

  4. February 14, 2008 at 6:12 am

    You are welcome Bro. I’m glad you could enjoy it.

  5. February 14, 2008 at 6:13 am

    You are welcome Bro. I’m glad you could enjoy it.

  6. July 25, 2009 at 4:40 am

    nice photography,,,

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