2008 February – Jakarta – Padalarang – Wanayasa – Lembang – Bandung

9-10 Feb 2008 Bandung Ride

Riding to Bandung, the Capital City of Jest Java Province is the easiest option for Jakarta riders. Not too far, good and twisty road provide enough justification to go.

This time, I ride to Bandung in a small group, with 2 other Ducati riders, with Yudha (Monster 620) and Danang (Multistrada 1000DS) to catch up and join with a bigger Ducati Group on its way home to Jakarta from Purwokerto (Central Java). The big group of 11 bikes was planned o arrive in Bandung late afternoon this Saturday, February 9, 2008 from Purwekrto after maximizing the long weekend in Indonesia from February 7, 2008.

Still using my favourite bike, red Multistrada 1000DS, 3 of us met at CITOS at 06:00 a.m. I actually prefer to go a bit earlier to avoid traffic jam or heavy traffic in Bogor up to Mega Mendung area. However, this time we only ride in a small group, start a about 6 in the morning was still ok.

After all arrived and met, we were get ready and start. We used full set of rain gear when we start from each own house to CITOS in a light rain but looking at a brighter sky, we decided to only used the rain suite pant to anticipate a quick move for a sudden rain on the way to Puncak Pass. Just before start Iboy came with his Multistrada, but he could not join us this time.

We chose ordinary road via middle Depok, Bogor, Ciawi and ride up to Puncak (the Peak). Careful ride with wet and a bit slippery road up to Bogor, we finally found a nicer weather and dry asphalt in Ciawi. Hm that was good and right on time since we will start climbing to the hill on a twisty road. This twisty road to Puncak is always nice to ride on….

In this ride report, don’t expect to see my pic on the ride since besides acting as the Road Captain; I also acted as the photographer during the ride.

Keep riding up to the hill top:

We have our first break at Puncak Pass (the Peak) and met Peter with his black Multistrada 1000DS Hitam, who has arrived earlier than us since he started from his house in Rancamaya which is about half way to Puncak from Jakarta.

Treated by Peter for the breakfast (thanks Peter…) we prepared to continue the trip and Peter ride straight back home to Rancamaya. The weather is good although still foggy. This is Peter when he start ride back home:

Out of foggy area of Puncak, Danang and Yudha were enjoying fresh morning air:

Not too long we ride down the hill to Cianjur:

At some points the traffic was quite heavy but still flowing and fine for us although we need to do many over taking…

Although theoretically we could just ride directly to Bandung without filling in the gas, we decided to stop and filled in the gas full tank just before Cianjur City because we would like to turn left in Padalarang to Purwakarta direction and go up to Mount Tangkuban Perahu and ride down and entering into Bandung from the north via Ciater and Lembang. This is going to be an addition long turn of about 100 Km while Bandung is only about 30 Km form Padalarang.

Crossing a straight and empty road just after Cianjur city:

Passing Raja Mandala Bridge, so far the trip was very smooth:

We then managed to be in Padalarang. The weather does not show a friendly look but as planned, we then turn left to Purwakarta’s direction.

The road to Purwakarta was emptier and also twisty. Hm.. that twisty road was a kind of bonus for us. We really enjoy that….

Only about 15 minutes ride from Padalarang, we had a short break just beside the road to use the full rain suite again and get ready for a heavy rain. Hm.. good decision, we were then ride in the middle of heavy rain. But we were ready so, no problem. Keep going and ride safely in the rain:

Raining accompanied us almost all the way long in the main road to Purwakarta:

Just before the junction to Wanayasa, the rain was stop and some time we ride on dry asphalt. However this is a bit tricky weather, we decided to keep using our full rain gear which may also help to keep us warm in a cooler mountain area. In some dry parts we still manage to enjoy several nice turns:

Entering into tiny road on the way to Wanayasa:

I only pass this road once (last year), but start to recall my memory and get familiar again with road and the surrounding area. As predicted before Wanayasa the rain fall down again and we ride slower due to tinny and slippery road:

About 11a.m. we came out and met a main road again just before Ciater and continue the ride up to the side of Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Hm.. it was a bit foggy, really fresh air and cool…

Keep riding up climbing Mount Tangkuban Perahu:

Then ride down the hill in one of my favourite road, the Pines forest at Cikole on the way to Lembang:

This is one of a long down and up hill road before Lembang:

Cross a short traffic jam at Lembang’s Traditional Market, we then ride down straight to Bandung city:

Arriving in Bandung, we went directly to CIWALK and have a lunch break at 01.30 p.m. I also enjoy a big cup of yummy Chocalate + Pistachio ice cream and a nice view of cute Bandung girls and their smiles… Xixixi.

We then arrived at the small hotel to spend the night but the big Ducati team will not arrive shortly since their position was still in Garut. We then decided to show how clean our bikes compared to them when they arrive later on. Xixixi…

Hm.. I could see the “blink” bike of mine again…

The total trip to Bandung via Wanayasa this time is 260 Km.

2 Responses to “2008 February – Jakarta – Padalarang – Wanayasa – Lembang – Bandung”

  1. 1 cipto
    September 22, 2008 at 4:51 pm

    kayaknya motor bro nug dah seperti istri ke 2 tuh dibawa keliling seluruh indo,kalo boleh tau dari bro nug tangan per 1 ya?dan sudah mengikuti bro nug dari awal sampai sekarang sudah brp km tuh?dah masuk 50 ribu belum?dan dah berapa taon tuh motor bro nug sampai sekarang usianya? ST2 ya?ato Multistrada?maklum saya orang awam 🙂

  2. September 22, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    Hi Cipto..! Makasih atas kunjungannya.
    Saya untuk Touring selalu pakai Multistrada 1000DS saya itu. Ya tangan pertama.Beli dari baru (th 2005) dipakai jalan terus sampai sekarang.
    Kalo di trek saya sekarang kebanyakan pakai 1098s. Lebih muantep… Xixixi… 🙂

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