2008 May: Superbike at Indoprix Race

2008-05-18 Superbike at Indoprix Race

This time, again at a short notice I was informed that a supporting race of superbike was be made available during the national Indoprix Race at Sentul Circuit. Hm.. that is interesting since the official race at Indoprix is only small (110 and 125 cc) bikes. This time they will have Superbike at part of the event, but just as a supporting race and to make the event more colorful.

Those racers at Indoprix are the real racers and they can have very good time lap (below 2 minutes) at Sentul International Circuit, not far different with us riding superbike. Hahaha.. But, anyway, this would be a great opportunity for me and most us as non professional riders to get a real race climate and get some practices with low cost.

I manage to get 2 practicing days before the race but, but I did not made a better time lap (my average time is still around 1:53). My best time during the last Superbike Race was 1:52.

During the practicing time, I was lucky to be able to ride close to some faster riders, so In could learn from them although it usually only for a short period of time since they are a lot faster than me.

These are pictures of me, hang on for a while in front of Abel and Mousel. Both of them are a lot faster than me, and they over took me there after:

Didi on his R6 now is fast. But if I could keep in the racing line, it would not be too easy to over take me. In practicing days like this, Didi is a good mentor. See these pictures below Didi and I at the last turn:

Still on practicing day; Bona and I entering into “the big S” :

He then over took me before entering the last turn:

But, over take me on the last turn (before long straight) is not really a good idea, since I could easily over take him again immediately on the straight:

Following Didi and learning from him is always nice:

But following Ari S. like this was only for a while. He was a lot faster than me and then disappeared after several turns…

Saturday, May 17, 2008: QTT Day

Ride for 8 laps, I could not make a better time than 1:53 on the QTT. It place me on the 9th grid position:

Sunday, May 18, 2008: Race Day

This time I had a very bas start. My engine stalled 2 times when the red lights were off. Then, when the engine was on, all riders have gone and I did not see them any more on the first turn. Wow… I tried to push and get closer, but in fact they are all are a faster riders than me, so I could not make it. Finally, I finished but could not book a better time lap and this is the first time that in a race I really felt so lonely and ride by my self up to the end… Hahaha…

While in the middle group, Didi had a fight with Ricky start from the start and finally took him over and finish in front Ricky:

At the front group, Gabriel (riders from Bandung) following Pak Memed tightly:

While Jay keep maintaining the distance with Gentur, and finally over took him before finish:

Bona tried to hold on and was keep pushed by Mousel:

Didi was in action. No wonder he is now having a new laps of 1:48. Wow…

This is Gabriel. He is very good for a new comer and has an average time lap of 1:46. I bet he could be in region of 1:42 soon:

Approaching finish line:

Final result for Non Seeded 600 Class was Rony, Sandy and Gabriel:

The winner for Novice 600 Class was Didi, Rick and Bona:

In Non Seeded Superbike 1000 Class: Pak Memed, Mousel and I:

Before I close this report, is not complete if I do not also show some cute faces around the circuit on that day:

The end.

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