2008 August: Jogjakarta Ride

2008-08-15 to 18 – Jogjakarta Ride

Another long weekend means another riding time…

This time we make use of the long weekend of Indonesian Independence Day. Somehow most spouses can’t joint the ride this time and looks like it will become an independence ride for most of us. Hahaha…

Learning from our experience of very heavy traffic of surrounding areas to exit from or enter into Jakarta, we decided to start riding from Cikampek and end later finish in Cileunyi, so that the riders could easily go there or being picked up at the end of the toll road by car. It would be a lot enjoyable for us and this time that is the main purpose i.e. enjoyable ride.
Jogja ride this time is participated by 15 Ducati riders (4 unit of Multistrada, 4 unit of Monster, 4 unit of ST, 2 unit Superbike, 1 unit GS ).

Day 1: Friday, August 15, 2008 Cikampek – Jogjakarta

All participants came on time and already arrived in Cikampek at 06.30 a.m. but the truck that carried the bikes came a bit late and take some time to unload the bikes. Due to a bit late starting time we then decided to have breakfast and have “Sate Maranggi” before start.

Preparation and relaxing for a while:

Briefing and praying before start:

It is 08.00 a.m. already. We are running late. Ok, get ready and go…

To save time, we chose the north route of Java Island up to Cirebon and turn right to south via Purwekerto. This is the route (the light blue line):

Riding on the north coast allow us to open the throttle a bit wide and we could maintain the speed around 115 Km/h to 125 km/h.

Iboy was enjoying the ride on his Multistrada 100DS:

Gunawan on his serious face if we sometimes increase the speed above 130 Km/h:

Jedi, intentionally did a sexy ride along the north coast… Just in case some mbok2 might be interested… Xixixi

Keep riding on the North Coast, we turn left through Indramayu for a smaller but emptier and better road…

Yes , it was quite open space and windy..

Eko think he can fly… Hahaha..

Filling in the gas full tank just before Cirebon City.

Waiting for Budi’s who got a problem with his 996 which finally be put on the back up Service Car:

We then have less than an hour break to allow our Moslem riders to have their Friday praying at the local Mosque besides the main road.

The bikes parked at the Mosque yard provided an attractive view for local people who greeted us warmly.

Continue the ride, we then have a lunch break not too far away…

Could you find a “special natural helmet” called “Yuke”?

After lunch, we turn right and ride to the South part of Java Island, to Purwekerto.

Around Bumiayu.. Jedi on his chop tail Moster S2R 1000.

Iboy on his Multistrada 1000DS.

Iwan has not got his 848 yet and ride his GS 1200.

Yudha on his Monster 620.

Danang on his Multistrada 1000DS.

Erwin on his ST4s.

Andre on his ST2.

Not entering into Purwekerto city, we went further south to Wangon. This is my favorite Bridge at Wangon:

Almost sunset…

We decided to cross the route through an alternative road. It was okay at the beginning and we managed to avoid 3 cities. However, only about 30 Km from Wates, we were stuck in a sand road. It was so dusty and difficult for road standard tires. We had a short break after passing such sand road..

Entering into the Hotel in Jogjakarta about 07.40 p.m. we then had a dinner just closed by at Malioboro Road. Yudha feel tired and fallen into sleep at the Hotel Lobby…

Day 2: Saturday, August 16, 2008 : Jogjakarta-Baron Beach-Jogjakarta

After having a long ride yesterday, today we would like to enjoy a more relax and enjoyable ride. We have chosen to ride down south to Baron Beach through Wonosari.

Taking picture at the Garuda Hotel Lobby before start at 11.00 a.m.

We enjoy Wonosari mountain area very much; hilly and twisty roads.

Take a break and have very fresh coconut water at the Baron Beach.

Gunawan is one of famous Indonesian actor. We have advised him not to open his helmet if he would like to enjoy his privacy. But he ignore that and each time, this would be the result…

We have to treat well this girl, Ratna, the only girl in the group, since she will send reports to our wives every hour about what we are doing. Hahaha…

But, I’m not sure how the report will say since this is how she was doing along the way… Zzzzz…..

Return back to Jogjakarta from Baron Beach, we still enjoying empty twisty roads.

Relaxing and had a sea food for the dinner, we really enjoy today’s ride. Didi who has just arrived have joined us in addition to Gave, a Ducatista residing in Salatiga, who joined us tonight.

Day 3: Sunday, August 17, 2008 : Jogjakarta-Dieng High Land-Jogjakarta

Today is the Indonesian Independence Day. We had anticipated that some road will be blocked or stuck due to local parades in almost all areas as we experienced last year. But some of us decided to keep riding. This time we would like to ride to the Dieng High Land. I never been there and quite exiting but some of us prefer to stay at the Hotel and have a relaxing day anticipating tomorrow’s long ride back home.

We will ride to Borobudur Temple before go to Wonosobo and continue the ride to Dieng. See this toruing map.

Get ready… Finally only 7 riders participated in.

While “Spa Team” prefer to sit down nicely with their naughty smile..

Went out Jogjakarta city to the famous Borobudur Temple in the morning… Nice fresh morning air… Nice road…

Hm.. also very “nice” to fill in the gas here…. Budi, did you get her mobile number?

Ups… I’m not aware of that my company has expanded and have buses operate in this area as well… Hahaha…

Just stop by for a few minutes at Borobudur, we directly continued the ride to Wonosobo.

Wonosobo is a high land already and it was cool fresh air out there… We keep riding up hill to Dieng High Land. Wow.. beautiful scenery…

Reaching Dieng at 11.00 a.m. we could smell strong sulfur and saw some natural steam. Take a break and had a hot fried “tempe kemul” with “Rawit Chili” and some French Fries + cool tea bottle… Wow that was simple but so yummy…

See the shop owner. She has to work and take care of her 3 years old kid at the same time. What a nice and comfort sleep of the kid on his mom’s back…

When Gunawan, the real actor is not around, Jedi act as the replacement to meet some “Mbok2” fans…

DDOCI at Dieng…

Eko and Ratna.

This is an old small Gatotkaca Temple at Dieng as part of several Hindu’s temples at Dieng.

The view at Dieng is breath taking….

Okay, lets move on… Ride back to Wonosobo.

Keep riding downhill to Wonosobo…

We believe we can fly….

Just before Wonosobo, we had a lunch break at a simple restaurant just beside the road.

I had steam rice + Fried Chicken and Duck + fresh vegetables + Chili sauce. Hm.. that was taste good…

On the way to Parakan we was stuck for a while due to some Independence Day local parades like this:

This traditional music group also celebrating the Independence Day by their own way….

Manage to escape from the crowded parades; we continued the ride to Parakan and Temanggung. The road and the view was so nice….

Eko, keep doing his function well as the sweeper.

Keep riding to Temanggung…

Finally we arrived back to the hotel at 04.00 p.m. take a bath and get together at the Hotel Lobby Lounge to watch MotoGP at Brno. Stoner fall down and Rossi won the race. Continued the evening with a dinner provided by the Hotel in the Independence Day. We then took a rest, preparing for a long ride back to Cileunyi (Bandung) early morning tomorrow.

Day 4: Jogjakarta-Cileunyi (Bandung)

Check out from the Hotel at 05.00 a.m., we are ready and warm up the bike at 05.30 a.m. As usual, briefing and pray, we were ready to start at 06.00 a.m.

Nice Bridge before Wates.

Enjoying having early morning ride on the fresh air and empty road, we could ride fast between 125-150 Km/h.

Earlier than the schedule, we then had a breakfast break after Purworejo City.

Then, continued the ride to Wangon…

Filling the gas full tank before Kebumen.

Still nice empty road…

Crossing my favorite Bride at Wangon..

We then keep going straight to Banjar and plan to have lunch at Pringsewu area.

Ariving at Pringsewu at 11.00 a.m. it was too early for lunch. We decided to continue riding and stop around Tasik area and at the same time try to meet Iwan and Yuke who slit up at Kebumen and were far in front of the group.

The road up to Pringsewu and further up to Tasik was very nice, twisty and provides enough corners that made Didi, the Club Presidente, forgot about his team behind… Of course I have to also follow the leader. Hahaha..

We then met Iwan and Yuke at a gas station about 10 Km from Pringsewu .

Then, continued the ride to Tasik. Not too far, we the stopped in a quite good restaurant. One thing we notice about the food along the way to and from Jogjakarta is that the price is very cheap compared to the same quality and quantity at the big cities.

After lunch, we were on the bike again. Ok Guys, get ready…

In this kind of road, I’m sure you will understand why some fast riders (lead by the Presidente) again, disappear at the front…

Passing Nagrek area, we then continued the ride to our final destination, the end of Cileunyi toll road.

Finally, the front group arrived and stopped at “Simpang Raya Restaurant” at Cileunyi at 02.40 p.m and the rest come at 03.00 p.m.. Have a big glass of cool “sirsak” Juice” and “Ice Tea”, open the riding gear… wow…. That was so nice….
Is everyone here? Yes, we all have arrived safely and get together to thanks God for taking care of us on this trip… gave us a very nice wheather…and a very nice ride…

The truck has arrived and our pick up cars also have been there. We directly up loaded the bikes…

We then back home through a heavy traffic of the toll road (since it was the end of the long weekend) and Didi, the Presidente who at the beginning insisted to ride up to Cikampek via Subang, continued his ride alone… on his dream…. Xixixi…

Ugh.. it was a real wonderful ride and it will remark Jogjakarta as our routine riding agenda.
See you at the next ride…

The end.

4 Responses to “2008 August: Jogjakarta Ride”

  1. 1 Tony
    October 21, 2008 at 2:17 am

    Wah.. ASLI kereng banget Mas…
    Jadi pengen…. 🙂

  2. November 9, 2008 at 3:45 am

    Cool abis bos… kapan y bisa gabung ke ducati.. 🙂

  3. 3 edo_soket
    December 30, 2008 at 9:41 am

    Touring refreshing, gak perlu ngoyo yang penting menikmati keadaan&safety..
    sukses selalu pak!


  4. May 18, 2009 at 7:24 am

    Wew.. nice touring pak…. Salam kenal dari xtreme club…
    drive safety safe for all…

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