2008 August: National Ducati Day

Sentul International Circuit – Saturday, August 30, 2008

It was a big day for Ducati community in Indonesia. It is the time for bikers gathering and to have fun. Party time.

Since Ducati community still relatively small, the program is conducted at the same time with Marlboro Red Racing X-perience.

Start from 07.00 a.m., 60 finalists of Marlboro red racing Moto-X2 who were selected from 15,000 registered applicants got a Ducati Riding Course using 14 Monster 696 and 14 Hypermotard 1100:

While more than 35 Ducati bikes from the community also appeared there:

And quite lot bikers from various big bike communities also came:

Riding Course special for DDOCI

At the same time, the members of Ducati Desmo Owners Club Indonesia (DDOCI) got a short training about riding on the track from Dario Marchetti. He is the head od DRE, the Ducati riding school and 5 times champion of Daytona Rces including the Motorcycle Races of Champions. He also has raced in Ancol and Sentul in the past when MotoGP and WSBK were still conducted here:

Opening speech and a light presentation about Ducati history:

Then, the short course by the Professional trainer:

Ducati Gathering:

We were glad Ramos who was injured on his accident sometimes ago also came with his girl friend. Welcome back Amos..!!

Tri, Steven and Sannie:

Steven & Sannie:

Cindy and I + 2 Mamarazzis (new name of those Paparazzi girls), Grace and Ratih:

Ducati crews:

Some TV interviews:

Iboy was interviewed by Jawa Post journalist. I hope it was not an interview in Javanese language… Hahaha…

Dyan Dilato and I had a serious discussion:

While Didi (The President) and Bona (the Secretary) of DDOCI went shopping, and back home with big shopping bags… Hahaha

I’m not sure who was the target of this Mamarazzi (Grace) this time…

Please buy this bike for me….please…please…

Some actions on the track:

Yudha and Satar got a chance to ride:

Okay boys.. lets go..!!

The lap time was arround 1.42′ in tandem. Wow.. that was fast…!

Girls and the bikes:

Night Riding sounds interesting…

Some pretty girls arround the pit:

Ok, now is party time…

Gigi, a famous Indonesian band…

Ducatisti and the crowd enjoying famous Indonesian bands and have fun..

Ari Lasso.. famous Indonesian Singer..

Top DJs Performance up to 03.30 a.m….

Enjoying Beautiful Firework…

Ok, that is enough for today… Lets go home…

The end.

2 Responses to “2008 August: National Ducati Day”

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