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Jelang Nikah, Pangeran William terlihat santai diatas Ducati 1198s nya

Hari ini banyak sekali mata tertuju ke Inggris. Prince William akan menikah dan disebutkan sebagai pernikahan kerajaan terheboh abad ini. Hm… Sementara yg mau nikah terlihat santai, kemarin malam pulang main football menikmati ride diatas DUCATI Superbike 1198s Corse nya. Hm.. πŸ™‚

Berita yang bersumber dari MCN ini dapoat dilihat juga di web DUCATI INDONESIA disini: KLIK.

Sebelumnya Pangeran William juga pernah terlihat menggunakan Ducati 1098 hitam nya.


2008 October: Track Day at Sentul

Sentul Circuit, October 16, 2008.

More than 1,5 month not riding my sport bike, it was so tempting when some friends called me asking if I would like to practice on Thursday morning. Just skip half day from the office and back to work again after lunch. Hm… that was good idea since I only have a meeting late afternoon on Thursday. So, finally I said β€œYes, I will come.”

Actually it is better to practice during the working day (if we can) since the track is relatively empty compare to practice during the weekend. Today we have Didi, Ari, Bona, Ochi ,Samuel and I.

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2008 October: Ducati Charity Day (Part 3)

2008 October: Ducati Charity Day 2008 (Part3)
Part 3: Gathering in Mega Mendung

Saturday-Sunday, October 11-12, 2008 Mega Mendung

Morning ride to Puncak has been done. Charity activities also have been completed. The rest, was just a relaxing time and get together, enjoying very fresh mountain air at Mega Mendung.

Mega Mendung is quite famous recreational area, since it represents a mountain climate but not too far from Jakarta. We were lucky and thank you for the generous of Didi, the Club President who provide his family villa to be used by us.

Before the riders arrived, Putri, my oldest daughter who went and arrived there earlier with the other kids by car under Mom Grace supervison, took some pictures representing the beauty of this place:
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2008 June: Ducati Fun Race 2008

Saturday-Sunday (14-15 June 2008), Ducati community in Jakarta and surrounding area got a chance to support the National Motor Racing Championship (Indoprix) at Sentul International Circuit.

At this type of race, several types of Ducati such as Monster, Multistrada, and Sport Touring (ST) as well as Superbike 1098 participated. The spirit of the event is not the real race but only for fun and at the same time increasing the skill and give more experience to the Ducati riders. However, as always, due to safety consideration, all safety gear requirements are fully applied.
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2008 April: Superbike National Championship Series 1

After participating two series of National Superbike Championship last year, some members of Ducati community participated in 2008 National Superbike Championship Series. The First Series was held on 4-5 April 2008. As usual, the race will be held at Sentul International Circuit. Friday (4 April 2008) was for FP, Saturday (5 April 2008) for QTT, and Sunday (6 April 2008) for the Race.

This year, there are 2 classes of the National Motorcycle Racing Championship namely Superstock 600 and Superbike (Free For All). Theoretically the Superbike/FFA class should for more pro riders. However, most of non-pro Ducati community ride 1000cc engine, and although we are NOT pro-racers, the Superbike/FFA class is the only class we could participate in.


Hm.. based on QTT result on Saturday 5 Ducati riders are eligible to participate in the race. 2 other Ducati riders did not pass the minimum lap time limit of 1:59.

This is a picture before QTT, Saturday 5 April 2008:

From left to right: Setiawan 1098s, Steven 916, Nugroho 1098s, Didi (this time use his R6 which would be faster than his Ducati ST2), Jede S2R1000, Ramos 996, Ochi 1098. Eko (S4) come late and other 2 member of Ducati community who are also member of R15 (who will participate on their Honda or Yamaha) namely Yus and Bona were not seen in the picture. Continue reading ‘2008 April: Superbike National Championship Series 1’


2008 February – Jakarta – Padalarang – Wanayasa – Lembang – Bandung

9-10 Feb 2008 Bandung Ride

Riding to Bandung, the Capital City of Jest Java Province is the easiest option for Jakarta riders. Not too far, good and twisty road provide enough justification to go.

This time, I ride to Bandung in a small group, with 2 other Ducati riders, with Yudha (Monster 620) and Danang (Multistrada 1000DS) to catch up and join with a bigger Ducati Group on its way home to Jakarta from Purwokerto (Central Java). The big group of 11 bikes was planned o arrive in Bandung late afternoon this Saturday, February 9, 2008 from Purwekrto after maximizing the long weekend in Indonesia from February 7, 2008.

Still using my favourite bike, red Multistrada 1000DS, 3 of us met at CITOS at 06:00 a.m. I actually prefer to go a bit earlier to avoid traffic jam or heavy traffic in Bogor up to Mega Mendung area. However, this time we only ride in a small group, start a about 6 in the morning was still ok.

After all arrived and met, we were get ready and start. We used full set of rain gear when we start from each own house to CITOS in a light rain but looking at a brighter sky, we decided to only used the rain suite pant to anticipate a quick move for a sudden rain on the way to Puncak Pass. Just before start Iboy came with his Multistrada, but he could not join us this time.

We chose ordinary road via middle Depok, Bogor, Ciawi and ride up to Puncak (the Peak). Careful ride with wet and a bit slippery road up to Bogor, we finally found a nicer weather and dry asphalt in Ciawi. Hm that was good and right on time since we will start climbing to the hill on a twisty road. This twisty road to Puncak is always nice to ride on….
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