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Bulan Promo Monster 696, DP hanya 48jt


Berkaitan dengan Pameran yang dilakukan dibeberapa tempat, DUCATI INDONESIA kembali membuat program khusus Monster 696, bagi para pecinta Moge di tanah air. Selama masa program (sampai dengan 31 Mei 2011), Harga Monster 696 mendapat discount sebanyak 13 juta sehingga hanya menjadi 237jt On The Road (delivery Jakarta atau Surabaya). Tidak hanya itu, kali ini disediakan paket kredit khusus dimana selama periode program, bagi yang ingin kredit cukup hanya membayar DP 48 juta.

Bagi yang minat, buruan.. Jumlah motor dan waktu program terbatas. Sebagian motor ready stock dan bisa delivery dalam bulan Mei juga.. Wroom… !!! 🙂


IMI Award untuk Juara Kejurnas Superbike 2010

Hari ini Kamis, 24 Februari 2011, Ducati Indonesia pantas berbagia. Pertama karena pembalapnya Matteo Guerinoni, menerima penghargaan IMI Award, sebagai Juara Nasional Superbike 2010. Kedua, karena sebentar akan ada “kejutan” untuk para pecinta Moge di Indonesia.

Ok, kita nikmati dulu beberapa scene, pemberian IMI Award kali ini.

Ini Saya dan Sattar mewakili Ducati Indonesia Racing dan Matteo yg berhalangan datang karena masih di Italy:

Kalau soal “Narsis” yg berdua ini emang udah mendarah daging.. Hahaha 😀
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2008 May: Antique Bicycles Ride, Supporting Green Earth

25 May 2008: Antique Bicycles Ride

This time my post is not about my ride. This is about an antique bicycles ride and dedicated to them who without making a lot of noise supporting the Green Earth program in their activities or hobbies.

This Sunday morning I do a short city riding with other a total 5 Ducatisti. There is nothing special for today. We just have an ordinary breakfast gathering and a coffee morning thereafter before we all split and went home. On the way home I showed a group of antique bicycles with while uniform riders, wow… so awesome. But I was in rush back home and bring no camera with me.

Not to long at home I need to pick up my kids by car at Mulia Hotel in Senayan. This time I bring my camera with me, just in case I get an interesting thing on the way there. Hm.. my feeling is right this time. I, again, showed another group of antique bicycles on the ride to the same direction with me. I did not want to loose this moment this time. See what I got here:
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2008 February – Jakarta – Padalarang – Wanayasa – Lembang – Bandung

9-10 Feb 2008 Bandung Ride

Riding to Bandung, the Capital City of Jest Java Province is the easiest option for Jakarta riders. Not too far, good and twisty road provide enough justification to go.

This time, I ride to Bandung in a small group, with 2 other Ducati riders, with Yudha (Monster 620) and Danang (Multistrada 1000DS) to catch up and join with a bigger Ducati Group on its way home to Jakarta from Purwokerto (Central Java). The big group of 11 bikes was planned o arrive in Bandung late afternoon this Saturday, February 9, 2008 from Purwekrto after maximizing the long weekend in Indonesia from February 7, 2008.

Still using my favourite bike, red Multistrada 1000DS, 3 of us met at CITOS at 06:00 a.m. I actually prefer to go a bit earlier to avoid traffic jam or heavy traffic in Bogor up to Mega Mendung area. However, this time we only ride in a small group, start a about 6 in the morning was still ok.

After all arrived and met, we were get ready and start. We used full set of rain gear when we start from each own house to CITOS in a light rain but looking at a brighter sky, we decided to only used the rain suite pant to anticipate a quick move for a sudden rain on the way to Puncak Pass. Just before start Iboy came with his Multistrada, but he could not join us this time.

We chose ordinary road via middle Depok, Bogor, Ciawi and ride up to Puncak (the Peak). Careful ride with wet and a bit slippery road up to Bogor, we finally found a nicer weather and dry asphalt in Ciawi. Hm that was good and right on time since we will start climbing to the hill on a twisty road. This twisty road to Puncak is always nice to ride on….
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2007 September – Charity Ride to Serang


Sunday September 23, 2007 was still in a fasting (Ramadhan) month for all Muslim around the world, including in Indonesia. Most us who were fasting are not allowed eating or drinking during the day. As part of the fasting spirit to care to the others, especially those who are under poverty or need assistance, fasting month is always a good time to share and do some social activities. Some of Ducatisti take the challenge to ride back and forth from Jakarta to Serang while fasting for a charity activity (donating some basic foods) to those needed in Serang area. The distance between Serang-Jakarta-Serang is about 200 Km and riding during the day (which might be hot day) without drinking and meals will be an interesting challenge.

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2007 July : Ducati Fun Race 2007

This time, I would like to share other motorcycling activities. Yes, it is more to sport (track days and race in the circuit).

Actually it was not a “real race”. We (Ducati Community), call it Ducati Fun Race and Sentul International Circuit call it Ducati Celebrity Race (due to some Indonesian celebrities participated in and is not a real race as such).

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2007 April-May : Le Tour de Indonesia

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Come to a bikers gathering event,  the Jogja Bike Rendezvous 2007, together with the Ducati Desmo Owners Club Indonesia, March 30 – April1, 2007 I rode with 18 Ducati bikes (all together) to Jogjakarta. This ride participated by 7 Monsters 4 Superbike, 4 Multistrada, 2 Sport Touring (ST), and 1  Super Sport type of Ducati.

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2006 – April: 1400 Km Ride to Bali

Day 1: Jakarta – Baturaden

5 Multistrada 1000DS, 1 ST3, 1 ST4, 1 Monster S4R, 1 Monster 620 and 1 SS 900 (+ 1 SBK 999 joined the team later in Bali) a total of 10 (+1) Ducati bikes participated in the event called Ducati Challenge 2006. It was a ride from Jakarta to Bali of more than 1400 Km, divided into several trips from April 8 to 15, 2006.Started very early morning from Jakarta is the only option to get away from a very heavy traffic in Jakarta and it surrounding regions. We get together at 4.00 a.m. and start from Jakarta at 4.30 a.m. It was still dark:


We managed to get out from Jakarta on time and start enjoying the ride in the country side and have the first break at Cikampek area, at which we had our breakfast:

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2006-Dec: Ride to Bandung

Before the end of 2006, together with other 14 Ducs (5 Multistrada, 5 Monster, 2 SBK 999, 1 SS 900, 1 ST2) I join a ride on an alternative route from Jakarta to Bandung (West Java) on Dec 2-3, 2006. This time we rode via Cibubur, Jonggol, Cileungsi, Cikalongkulon, Cirata Dam, Cikalongwelan, Darangdan, Wanayasa, Ciater and Lembang and entering into Bandung city from the north down from Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Although a bit longer route, it was always nice to ride in empty small village roads, ride between the tea plantation and ride in the heavy fog around the mountain area. Get ready with the rain coat, since riding in the rain is one of the consequences to ride in December in Indonesia. See this: Breafing before start.

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