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Valencia Test – Rossi mencoba Desmosedici GP 11


Hasil test pertama kali diatas Ducati Desmosedici GP 11 ini kemarin, Rossi terlihat masih tidak terlalu ‘ngotot’ dan lebih banyak melakukan penyesuaian, membukukan waktu diurutan ke-8. Terlepas dari Lorenzo dan Spies yg tampil sangat baik dan membukukan waktu tercepat pertama dan kedua, Stoner sepertinya juga langsung tune in dgn Honda barunya dan membukukan waktu tercepat ke-3. Dari test hingga pukul 14:30 kemarin urutan sementara hasil test adalah sbb:

1. Lorenzo Yamaha Factory Racing 1:32.511
2. Spies Yamaha Factory Racing +0.367
3. Stoner HRC +0.750
4. Pedrosa Repsol Honda Team +0.825
5. Simoncelli San Carlo Honda Gresini +1.067
6. Dovizioso Repsol Honda Team +1.084
7. Edwards Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +1.303
8. Rossi Ducati Team +1.371
9. Hayden Ducati Team +1.487
10. Bautista Rizla Suzuki MotoGP +1.559
11. Puniet Pramac Racing Team +1.631

Coba kita lihat hasil test besok, gimana. Sementara bisa liat potongan videonya disini: Valentino Rossi mencoba Desmosedici 11 di Valencia.


Sepang MotoGP 2008 Part 3 – Ducati Moto X2

AT this race event 5 Indonesian bikers, the winner of Marlboro red Racing Moto X2 Program had a chance to ride on Desmosedici with Randy Mamola. They get a maximum speed on straight and I have been informed it was about 310 Km/h. Wow…
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2008 June: Superbike National Championship Round 2

June 1, 2008: Superbike National Championship Round 2

The second round of Superbike National Championship has just been held at Sentul International Circuit. Again, although I am still classified as beginner, I was allowed to participate in. This is the report.
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2008 April: Superbike National Championship Series 1

After participating two series of National Superbike Championship last year, some members of Ducati community participated in 2008 National Superbike Championship Series. The First Series was held on 4-5 April 2008. As usual, the race will be held at Sentul International Circuit. Friday (4 April 2008) was for FP, Saturday (5 April 2008) for QTT, and Sunday (6 April 2008) for the Race.

This year, there are 2 classes of the National Motorcycle Racing Championship namely Superstock 600 and Superbike (Free For All). Theoretically the Superbike/FFA class should for more pro riders. However, most of non-pro Ducati community ride 1000cc engine, and although we are NOT pro-racers, the Superbike/FFA class is the only class we could participate in.


Hm.. based on QTT result on Saturday 5 Ducati riders are eligible to participate in the race. 2 other Ducati riders did not pass the minimum lap time limit of 1:59.

This is a picture before QTT, Saturday 5 April 2008:

From left to right: Setiawan 1098s, Steven 916, Nugroho 1098s, Didi (this time use his R6 which would be faster than his Ducati ST2), Jede S2R1000, Ramos 996, Ochi 1098. Eko (S4) come late and other 2 member of Ducati community who are also member of R15 (who will participate on their Honda or Yamaha) namely Yus and Bona were not seen in the picture. Continue reading ‘2008 April: Superbike National Championship Series 1’


2008 February: Drag Race – Sentul

We got this email invitation for a Drag Race. Hm its is quite interesting, just for fun and could be used as a start practicing event for us:
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2008 January – Another Track Day

Track Day (26 January 2008) 

It has been quite some time we do not ride on track. So, when it was proposed I was very enthusiastic. So, some of Ducati group decided to be on track today. Ochi try his new 1098, Peter ride on his Multistrada 1000DS, I ride my 1098s, Didi and Bona ride their CBR and we join other friends from R15 (Henky, Andri, Ari, Mateo). Allard and Carlsten join the group a bit later in the afternoon.

This is my new 1098s ( white stripe) and Ochi new 1098:

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2007 Nov-Dec: Ducati 2007 Year End Track Activities

After participating for the first time at the National Supersport and Superbike Championship, the Ducati Community starts feeling comfortable and enjoying to participate in such kind of race. Of course a minimum skill and familiarity with the circuit would be needed but overall for us (as non profesional racer) as far as we do not push beyond each individual limit, it was not as scary as imagined.   This is the report of Ducati Community’s participation on the last race series of National Supersport and Superbike Championship on December 9, 2007, on which I participated.  

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2007 November – EICMA, Milan Motorcycle Show

Milan Motorcycle Show is always interesting to see since many new bikes usually announced and shown there. I managed to visit Milan and get a chance to be in the show early November 2007.

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2007 October – Sepang MotoGP 2007 (Behind the Race)

October 2007, MotoGP was in Sepang Malaysia. We do not miss the opportunity to directly see, hear the sound and feel the MotoGP sensation. So Bona, Iboy and I decided to fly to KL and be there. This is the report. Some of the pics are taken by Bona. Thanks Bro.

So this is not a ride report at all:

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2007 September – Charity Ride to Serang


Sunday September 23, 2007 was still in a fasting (Ramadhan) month for all Muslim around the world, including in Indonesia. Most us who were fasting are not allowed eating or drinking during the day. As part of the fasting spirit to care to the others, especially those who are under poverty or need assistance, fasting month is always a good time to share and do some social activities. Some of Ducatisti take the challenge to ride back and forth from Jakarta to Serang while fasting for a charity activity (donating some basic foods) to those needed in Serang area. The distance between Serang-Jakarta-Serang is about 200 Km and riding during the day (which might be hot day) without drinking and meals will be an interesting challenge.

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