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Paolo Pirozzi keliling Dunia naik Multistrada 1200

Menarik sekali, sempat bertemu Paulo Porozzi dalam The First ADW lalu di Malaysia. Chairman Ducati Club di Naples, ilaty ini memang Biker sejati. Ia mengelilingi Dunia dengan Ducati Multistrada 1200 dan sekarang masih dalam perjalanannya. Hal sangat menarik, Paolo menjalani semua perjalanan solo nya ini tanpa bantuan GPS. Dia hanya menggunakan map biasa yg dimilikinya. Uduuun….
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Bukit Tinggi – Banda Aceh Ride (Part 4)

Continued from Part 3.


A quite big gas station after Padang Sidempuan. They sold Pertamax here. To be safe, each time we filled in the gas full tank every about 150 km ride.
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Bukit Tinggi – Banda Aceh Ride (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1.

Day 2: Bukit Tinggi – Prapat

Today is a hard and long ride. It will be 510 Km ride and we are expecting some bad road after crossing North Sumatra border. This is our Route Map for today:
Day 2 Route Map Bukit Tinggi-Prapat
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2008 October; Ducati Charity Day 2008 (Part 1)

2008 October: Ducati Charity Day 2008 (Part 1)
Part 1: Jakarta –Puncak-Mega Mendung Ride

This time, the ride is only a short distance. It was designed for a relaxing ride and focus more on the charity and gathering activities.

This is a kind of annual social routine activities of the Ducati community. If last year we rode to Serang almost at the beach level for the annual charity activity, this time we prefer to ride to a mountain area, Mega Mendung.

Saturday, October 11, 2008 Jakarta- Puncak Pass – Mega Mendung

Eko who is used to be on time, appeared a bit late with his Honda Tiger since he got some technical problem with his Monster 750 and Ratna (Eko’s fiancé) all of sudden was sick but still insisted to join but at the end agreed to stay at home. Finally all riders and bikes were there at CITOS. It was 06.00 a.m. already. 12 bikes and 7 cars were participated in. 6 participant came with their full family members.
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2008 February – Jakarta – Padalarang – Wanayasa – Lembang – Bandung

9-10 Feb 2008 Bandung Ride

Riding to Bandung, the Capital City of Jest Java Province is the easiest option for Jakarta riders. Not too far, good and twisty road provide enough justification to go.

This time, I ride to Bandung in a small group, with 2 other Ducati riders, with Yudha (Monster 620) and Danang (Multistrada 1000DS) to catch up and join with a bigger Ducati Group on its way home to Jakarta from Purwokerto (Central Java). The big group of 11 bikes was planned o arrive in Bandung late afternoon this Saturday, February 9, 2008 from Purwekrto after maximizing the long weekend in Indonesia from February 7, 2008.

Still using my favourite bike, red Multistrada 1000DS, 3 of us met at CITOS at 06:00 a.m. I actually prefer to go a bit earlier to avoid traffic jam or heavy traffic in Bogor up to Mega Mendung area. However, this time we only ride in a small group, start a about 6 in the morning was still ok.

After all arrived and met, we were get ready and start. We used full set of rain gear when we start from each own house to CITOS in a light rain but looking at a brighter sky, we decided to only used the rain suite pant to anticipate a quick move for a sudden rain on the way to Puncak Pass. Just before start Iboy came with his Multistrada, but he could not join us this time.

We chose ordinary road via middle Depok, Bogor, Ciawi and ride up to Puncak (the Peak). Careful ride with wet and a bit slippery road up to Bogor, we finally found a nicer weather and dry asphalt in Ciawi. Hm that was good and right on time since we will start climbing to the hill on a twisty road. This twisty road to Puncak is always nice to ride on….
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