2008 April: Superbike National Championship Series 1

After participating two series of National Superbike Championship last year, some members of Ducati community participated in 2008 National Superbike Championship Series. The First Series was held on 4-5 April 2008. As usual, the race will be held at Sentul International Circuit. Friday (4 April 2008) was for FP, Saturday (5 April 2008) for QTT, and Sunday (6 April 2008) for the Race.

This year, there are 2 classes of the National Motorcycle Racing Championship namely Superstock 600 and Superbike (Free For All). Theoretically the Superbike/FFA class should for more pro riders. However, most of non-pro Ducati community ride 1000cc engine, and although we are NOT pro-racers, the Superbike/FFA class is the only class we could participate in.


Hm.. based on QTT result on Saturday 5 Ducati riders are eligible to participate in the race. 2 other Ducati riders did not pass the minimum lap time limit of 1:59.

This is a picture before QTT, Saturday 5 April 2008:

From left to right: Setiawan 1098s, Steven 916, Nugroho 1098s, Didi (this time use his R6 which would be faster than his Ducati ST2), Jede S2R1000, Ramos 996, Ochi 1098. Eko (S4) come late and other 2 member of Ducati community who are also member of R15 (who will participate on their Honda or Yamaha) namely Yus and Bona were not seen in the picture.

It is me trying to open the throttle wide on the straight:

Race Day

Sunday morning, all of us were there at Sentul Circuit earlier not to get any last minutes rush since the Superbike Class Race will start at 09.00 in the morning.

Some Ducati in line ready for today’s race:

As usual before entering into the track, we get together, have a short briefing and pray:

Ok, it is time now. Give you hand for our brotherhood, sportive and fun race:

Get ready:

Waiting for transponders installation and last screening, before we get a green flag for entering into the track, some riders were looked relax:

Just before entering into the track:

Ok. This is just before start. I am on grid 18 from 27 riders:

The Race Officer provided the sign to switch on the engine, then the red lamps were on and….. GO..!!

Based on my experience in the last series of last year and the fund drag race earlier this year, I try to stay calm before start. I just keep the engine on and did not open the throttle make a lot of noise like others. And immediately when the light is off and I saw other bikes start to move, I then open my throttle and make use of big torch of my Ducati I passed 2 row of bikes in front of me on the starting grid. All of sudden I got a clear view in front of me and only a few numbers of bikes are still stay in font. Keep pushing on the first corner (R1) I could still safely keep my position until the second high speed corner (R2). On R3, Hengky took over me but I could still hang on my position until the R11 and R12. See this, I still behind Hengky but in front of Ari S, Sandy, Mousel, Ramos:

However, as predicted those faster riders start took over me on R3 and R4 as well as Small S since I was still classified “slow” compared to them on those corners. First lap was not too bad. I was placed back to the middle group after the 2 lap. Hahaha…

While the group of fast riders has left the middle group a bit far, there was a big accident on the second lap involving Ducati rider, Ramos (996) just in front of me at R3. I was not so sure what is happening but managed to get a sign from Didi that Ramos fall down..!! The next 2 laps I could still see the yellow flag around the accident area, expecting a green flag thereafter… Ups, another yellow flag given by the marshals around R3-R4. This time, I show Yus (CBR) in the gravel, but he was looked ok.

At the middle group Didi, Edi and I race tightly and took over each other several times. Hm… it was a good fun:

From time record and skill both Didi and Edi are still a lot better than me. However, I get a lot more power on my Ducati and as far as they did not left me behind too far, I use to take them over on the long straight and keep the position until the Small S where they usually took me over again. Then not too long, I take them over again on the straight…. in front of the crowd audiences.

At Small S in lap 7, I open the throttle to fast and my 1098s get wheeled on the 3rd gear…. Ups, I was not prepared and get shock a bit for a while. This is the picture at the beginning of that process…..

Wow a kind of warning I guess not to push beyond my capacity and skill since this bike still could do a lot more than the way I use it… I then reduce my speed and just ride safely. Edi and Didi start left me behind a bit far. I could ride more relax since Bona was still a bit far behind me…and I could have enough gap to keep my position up to the finish line…

While at the fast group we could see a tight race between then on the Small S:

We could also see Setiawan on the back tightly followed before finally taken over by Rony (CBR):

While Thomas (CBR) also followed me tight on Small S before took me over on the Big S:

On the back, Bona (CBR) also followed Travis (R1) tightly before finally took him over and finish in front of him:

Some actions in the race.

Ahmad Jayadi, the Champion:

Matteo finished the second:

Abel finished the third:

Thomas finished the forth:

Dyan Dilato finished the fifth:

Yus, although was in the gravel once, still managed to finish at the 10th:

Didi, improved a lot and have a new lap time below 1:50:

I also meet my target, namely just ride better from the previous race and this time my best time lap is 1:52:

Bona although did not perform on his best time, always very charming on every corners + his knee down actions. Hm..:

Ochi, is seemed so relax on the race day:

Setiawan also choose to simply ride safely on his first racing experience:

Eko, got some technical problem and also choose to ride safely although keep knee down on some corners.

This is Ramos before he felt down in the second lap. Get well soon guys…

Didi and I enjoying the last lap after finish:

This is the real Champions of the National Superbike/FFA Champions Series 1. From the left: Mateo (The 2nd), Jayadi (Juara Winner) and Abel (The 3rd):

While at the Superbike 1000 Non Seeded Class, Mousel Finish first, followed by me and Setiawan:

For Ducati community, besides one rider was injured in the accident hurt and need to be hospitalized, this race provide quite good experience for us. Hopefully we could still manage to pass the minimum time lap required for the next races series. Some riders have made good result. Ramos (QTT) 1:48.575; Didi has new time lap 1:49.363; Nugroho 1:52.118; Bona 1:53.871; Setiawan (QTT) 1:56.055; Eko did not perform well compared to is best time on the last race (1:52) and this time recorded (QTT) 1:57.701; Ochi also not bad and have his best time lap (QTT) 1:58.496.

This is the complete record of the First National Superbike/FFA Series 2008:

The Race climate was quite colorful especially with some cute girls around the paddock like this:

Well, that is all for this race report. I will see you again on the next race.

The end.

4 Responses to “2008 April: Superbike National Championship Series 1”

  1. October 3, 2008 at 2:43 am

    mas nug..maukah jadi coach saya? . . . untuk ngajadi wira-wiri di sentul 😀

  2. October 3, 2008 at 2:43 am

    ngajari maksudnya 😀

  3. October 3, 2008 at 11:04 am

    Hahaha… kalo buat familiarity terhadap trek.. sih boleh… Kalo buat teknik speed riding di trek, walaupun mungkin bisa membagi pengetahuan dan pengalaman (dan untuk itu saya akan dengan senang hati sahering), untuk bisa jadi coach rasanya belum masuk dalam kategori “capable” nih. Karena kalo belajar mendingan sama yang jam terbangnya sudah tinggi. Jangan sama pemula seperti saya… karena saya juga masih perlu banyak belajar dan latihan…

  4. May 31, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    waduh2 mantap nie
    jd pngen buru2 mw masuk grand prix

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